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Joshua McHugh
3D Modeler & Texture Artist
Maya, 3DS Max, ZBrush, Photoshop
Contact: Josh@Joshmchugh.com
6/25/2010:WIP: Pan
Took a little break and have been producing this piece for a sculpt competition over at CGChannel being judged by none other that the
author of one of my favorite books, "ZBrush: Digital sculpting Human Anatomy", Scott Spencer. Figured it would be a great opportunity
to have my work critiqued by one of the best in the industry. He has been surprisingly gentle...
The theme of the competition is "Great God Pan".
6/27/2010:WIP: Pan
Been having a great time with this sculpt thus far. Scott and the folks at CG Channel have been helpful and inspirational as well. Upped
the detail quotient a little more, worked in some larger skin folds and hair patches and it is shaping up to be an exciting piece. Love the
classical feel of this. Gonna take it to the next level soon I think, try to get all those little details in there now, as I am feeling happy with
the overall flow and gesture of the figure. More soon.
6/28/2010:WIP: Pan
Started to work up the finer details in Pan here, smaller wrinkles, moles, stretch marks, etc. Trying to keep the overall level of wrinkles
and such dialed down. It is so tempting to overwork a sculpture, especially in ZBrush where it is so open and easy to go hog wild. My
success in that regard has been marginal thus far, as it is so much fun to push the surface details to death. More soon.
7/3/2010:Final Sculpt: Pan
Pan has entered a Fairy Circle, the court of the Queen of the Fey, and seeks counsel.