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Joshua McHugh
3D Modeler & Texture Artist
Contact: Josh@Joshmchugh.com
WIP: Briareos Hecatonchires (Appleseed: Ex machina)
Maya, Headus UVLayout
Notes: Took this project on to aid a friend in his compositing reel. Once this is finished, will be set to a mocap rig and comped into a scene. Little ways to
go yet, but the major forms and work is done.
5/31/2010: WIP: Started working up texture maps for Briareos. ZBrush is proving to be a real help here. Can get great results
in truly lightening fashion. This is just the flat color, no bump or spec color passes yet. Stay tuned...
6/04/2010: Here are some of the latest renders of Briareos, put together some simple lighting to get some of the angles
showing. I am really excited by some the texture choices I made here. The armor itself is meant to resemble some kind of
stealthy powder-coat material over a tough composite carbon shell. Course, it has also been a long time since it received its
last paint job, so it is worn out at all the hard edges, allowing some of the armor plating underneath to shine through.
Briareos "skin" is actually composed of millions of flexible hexagonal sensors, transmitting human-like "touch" sensations to
his brain.