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Joshua McHugh
3D Modeler & Texture Artist
Contact: Josh@Joshmchugh.com
WIP: The Architect
Maya, ZBrush
Notes: Began as a loose sketch in my sketchbook. Sort of a blend of my interests in SciFi andFantasy. His dress suggests a hands-on approach, not
merely designing his creations, but acting out his schemes on the work site, hence his heavy boots and apron, which also serves as symbols of his
station in society. Still a great deal to work on here, check back for updates.
5/31/2010: WIP: ZBrush continues apace for "The Architect". Been tightening up some of his anatomy and costume design.
Starting to get a better feel for where I want to go with him. Will be thinking about a retopology and UV unwrap in the coming
days. Entirely enjoyable work.
6/05/2010: WIP: Getting into some of the paint studies of "The Architect". Trying to get a feel for his skin tones and the like, the
fun stuff.